New Beginnings Church To Move Into New Building!!!

After nearly nine and a half years of renting space in Jeffersonville, NBC will be moving into a new church home that we are purchasing!  Our new church is located at 2219 Spring Avenue in New Albany.  Although we’re moving out of Jeffersonville for the first time, we are excited to be relocating to a new community and making lots of new friends.

Our Board of Directors has done an amazing job of guiding us through this process and we have so many of you to thank for contributing to our Building Fund to raise the amount needed for the down payment.  The bank has approved everything and the inspection at the new building passed with flying colors!  We have no doubts that God opened this door for us and we cannot wait to see what He has in store for our church.

Our last service at our current location at 1615 Spring Street in Jeffersonville is Sunday, July 28th and our plan is to have our first service in our new church building on Sunday, August 4th!

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